How to get your bike into the office without breaking the bank

The cost of renting a bike to a company has been cut by 40 per cent in the past year as it became easier to get bikes from bike shops.

The government’s bike plan, published on Tuesday, allows companies to rent bikes from retailers within a certain distance of their premises.

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “In 2016, the government made it easier for businesses to rent bicycles, and this has had an enormous impact on the rental market, as bike rental companies have reduced the cost of their bikes by more than 40 per the last year.”

We’ve also made it cheaper for companies to lease bicycles from the city or county, allowing businesses to get their bikes closer to their office.

“The plan also provides certainty for businesses renting bicycles to ensure they don’t face delays, and we have committed to supporting them to achieve this.”

It is the Government’s priority to make sure every business in the country is able to rent a bike for a reasonable price.

“Bikes are a great way to get around and are an essential part of our everyday lives, and for many people they are the only way to go.”

However, some people don’t have the funds to rent one.

If you’re looking to rent, we’ve got advice to help you through the process.

“Bike Rentals is a free service which allows customers to rent their own bike for around £40.

The Government’s bike policy was unveiled in March after the Government announced plans to introduce a 50 per cent tax on bicycles.

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