What’s in store for Nintendo’s new Star Wars walkie-talkie?

By: Christopher M. Burt / The Associated PressNintendo’s Star Wars toys are in stores across the country, but it turns out there are still a few things that need to be done before they’re available for purchase.

The latest in a series of announcements is a new Star Trek-themed walkie walkie, known as Star Trek: Walkie Talkie 2.0.

The walkie comes in four colors and is designed to fit snugly in your pocket, as well as be worn by the character Chewbacca.

It features a variety of holo-style displays for Star Wars characters like Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbak and new holo displays that let you customize the Star Wars experience by displaying a character’s head and body.

The walkie has two different holo options: a holographic one that displays the characters face, and a digital one that presents the character’s face.

A new hololight for the walkie is available as well, which lets you adjust the brightness of the walker’s lights for nighttime viewing.

The hololights have a range of different settings, so you can adjust the light intensity from low to bright, dimming down the light for a more comfortable viewing experience.

The Star Trek walkie also comes with a hologram, a 3D model of Chewbac, a Star Trek starship, and other items from the Star Trek universe.

There are no release dates for the Star Walkie 2, but if you want one you can preorder one on Amazon.

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