How the NSA collected the metadata of millions of U.S. citizens

By TIMOTHY A. CLARYAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — A sweeping U.N. report released Monday says the NSA collects massive amounts of personal information on Americans.

It says that data from people who don’t know they are being watched and shared by the government is widely shared.

It says that NSA analysts who collect such data also get access to millions of people’s phone records, social security numbers, banking information and other personal information.

The U.K.-based watchdog, the U.n.

Committee Against Torture, released a report detailing the scope of the U and NSA’s collection of metadata on people.

It was the first comprehensive assessment of U and U. S. spying programs by a U. n. body.

The committee said its report, called “The Collected: The NSA’s Record of the World’s Most Extensive and Wide-ranging Data Collection Program,” will help governments and their citizens decide what to do about it.

The U.s. government is required to make public its surveillance programs.

The report said that from 2002 to 2007, the NSA was collecting up to 20.6 billion telephone records, including call log information, text messages and call recordings.

The NSA then said that the bulk of the information gathered by the agency involved calls, text message and other communications.

That information is widely considered to be sensitive, and the U’s government has said it has limited the number of people it is able to listen to the records.

The panel said the vast majority of the data the agency collects on U. s citizens comes from U. ernational Security and Intelligence Program (NSA) and other intelligence-gathering programs.

It said it does not know what proportion of the material is collected under other intelligence programs.

A government official familiar with the panel’s report said the majority of that information was collected on U .s. citizens.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the report was not yet public.

The government has denied it has been collecting Americans’ phone records or other information.

The report said it only has access to phone numbers and numbers that the agency has on U s citizens.

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