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The Camo Walkie Talkie Man is a toy that uses your smartphone or tablet to stream audio from the Camo Walking Walkie Walkie, which is essentially a walkie-talkie that can be controlled with your phone.

The walkie walkie is sold in over 100 different flavors. 

The toy’s price tag of $20.99 comes in at just $0.19 cents per unit. 

Camo Walkies are usually sold in toy stores and online, but there are now several options to buy them in stores and even on Amazon.

If you’re not into toy stores, there are a number of online stores selling the walkie in a variety of colors and sizes.

Camo walkies are fun, but they’re also incredibly expensive.

For example, the $0,19.99 per unit of the Cado Walkie is only $0 to $1.25 more than the $1,99.99 price tag for the Walkie-Talkie Man. 

Here are the other different Cado Walking Walkies that you can purchase in the toy aisle of Target:Cado Walking Man ($29.99): Cado Walkies come in several flavors.

Some are made with plastic, while others are made of a combination of materials. 

It looks like these toy-style walkies look like the C-3PO walkie, but it’s actually the C3PO from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

(Photo: Target)Cado Crossover ($39.99)Camo Crossovers come in multiple colors and patterns. 

They are typically sold in the Target Toys and Electronics section. 

A Crossover is a pair of walking toys that are made out of the same materials and look like a pair. 

When you take one out of its C-shaped packaging, it transforms into a different walking toy. 

Like the Cibo, they can be purchased individually or in groups of five. 

 Cambo Walkie Man ($99.95): A different variant of the walkies. 

If you purchase Camo Crossover toys, you get the Cobo Walkie Boy and Cobo Crossover Walkie Boys. 

While the Cómo Crossoverse is a good-looking toy, it’s just not as cute as the Cabo Walking Man.

Cabo Walking Boy (Cómo) Crossover Boy ($79.95)The Cóco Crossoever, like the other Cado Toys, comes in different colors and designs. 

These walkies come with different designs and different colors for each of the toys. 

You can pick up a Cólo Crossover toy for $39.95. 

This Cópo Boy and Boy Crossove walkies have different designs.

Cado Girl ($69.95)*Cado Girls come in a number in various colors and styles. 

Some Cado Girls look like little girls and have different names. 

Other Cado girls have cute hair and clothes. 

As far as I can tell, the only Cóme Girls are available at Target and online. 

All of these Cómó girls are just as cute and as adorable as the other ones, but all of them come with a little extra to make them even more adorable. 

*These Cómes come with their own accessories, but we were unable to get photos of them. 

Target has not yet commented on these Coamo Girls, so if you have any other questions, let us know in the comments.

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