When your phone breaks, you should replace it with a new one

When your iPhone breaks, replace it.

In this case, it’s probably not an important phone.

But it’s important for anyone who’s worried about losing control of their device, like the thousands of people who have lost their phones in recent months.

A new study by security firm Errata Security says that over the past two weeks, more than 600,000 iPhones have gone missing from stores, but it’s not just customers.

The data suggests that Apple should replace nearly all of its devices, including its newest flagship iPhone 5S.

The new Errata report found that of the more than 500,000 devices it analyzed, nearly 100,000 had gone missing.

The majority of these devices were new or refurbished iPhone 5 models.

Errata says that a few of these missing iPhones are linked to hackers.

While the report says it’s possible that the data collected by the firm is wrong, it seems unlikely that Apple will take any steps to track down the culprits.

The company has already released an update to its iOS app to address this issue.

The updated app should help prevent iPhones from being lost in the first place.

A spokesperson for Apple told Mashable that the company is aware of the Errata data, and has issued a software update for all of Apple’s iOS devices.

Users who have not downloaded the software should check their phones’ software settings to make sure that the new software update has been applied to their device.

Users can find the software update in the iOS App Store.

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