When the ‘WW2 Walkie Talkie’ was invented

What’s the difference between a walkie-talkie and a walky-talky?

The walkie was invented in the US in the late 1940s.

Today it’s an essential tool of the modern soldier.

Today, it’s the most popular type of handheld device for people in the military.

It can communicate with the Army via radio or a walker and is also used to communicate with other soldiers and civilians, such as when soldiers need to keep an eye on a wounded soldier or someone who needs help.

There are different types of walkie, which are often made by different companies.

There’s the WalkieTalkie, for example, which is made by Alpena, and the Walk-Ahead, a company made by MECCO.

In the UK, a Walkie is called a Walky.

Some walkie makers make their own walkie components, or they use parts from other companies.

The Walkie-Talkie is made in a similar way to the Walky, but the Walkies’ radios are used to send messages.

A walkie will read its message on a walk-a-head.

You’ll have to hold your phone up to your face and ask it to answer.

The walkies are often very expensive.

It costs about £1,000 for a basic model and £3,000 if you buy an upgrade.

The most popular Walkie on the market today is the Walkier, a walkier with a built-in digital compass.

It’s available in many different colours and you can even buy a separate version of the Walki-Talkies for £1.50 each.

They’re also available in black and white, and are usually a bit more expensive.

There is also a cheaper alternative called the Walkio.

It works similar to the walkie.

It is a digital walkie but you have to use a smartphone app to control it.

If you buy one, it costs £200, which may not seem like much.

However, the Walkiedo, the new Walkie, costs £100 and comes with an iPhone app.

The cost of the different walkie types varies from company to company.

The main reason why there are so many different types is because of how different the products are made.

Some companies use a variety of different components to make them.

There may be a lot of different parts that can be used to make a particular type of walky.

However they all have one thing in common: They all have the same type of radio.

The radio has a signal from a battery pack that’s stored in it, which you can read on a map.

When you hold the walker up to the map and ask for directions, it will tell you which direction it’s going in.

This gives you the distance and direction.

Walkies are sometimes made from metal and other materials.

Some of the most common components are aluminium, glass, plastics and ceramics.

The metal parts are used in the front of the walkies to give them a bit of a metal look.

They can also be made from plastic, which means that they have a plastic shell.

There might also be metal inserts or screws in the plastic, making them easier to remove when you’re ready to remove them.

The aluminium is usually the main component of the design.

This is the part that’s most likely to come apart when you take the walkied out of the box.

There can also often be metal or ceramic parts in the back.

The plastic and plastic parts of the device all have a small, plastic, metal or metal-looking piece of plastic inside.

These pieces of plastic hold the radio’s power supply and can be seen on the walky’s screen.

This plastic is called the case.

The case is often made from aluminium or plastic, depending on which part of the company makes it.

The part that makes the case is usually made by a metal company, so you’ll often see some sort of logo on the side.

The back of the case usually has a large, square hole.

This hole is often used to hold the GPS and to store the battery in the unit.

The front of a walkied is usually an aluminium strip, usually made of plastic, with a metal part on top.

The area around the metal part is usually used for the camera.

The camera usually comes with the unit in the box, but you can also buy separate cameras for different sizes.

The colour of the camera is usually different depending on the company that makes it, and you’ll usually see the logo on either side.

If the front is plastic, it might be called a camera with a black dot.

If it’s aluminium, it could be called the walkier.

You might also see the colour of it in the logo of the back of it.

Some manufacturers make the camera in aluminium.

In this case, you’ll see a

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