How to listen to your children’s walkie-talkies

In order to keep your kids’ walkie/talkies as quiet as possible while on the road, many parents have started to use earbuds to help them get through the day.

In order for the parents to listen while they are walking, they will need to put the earbud in a quiet spot, such as a pocket, in their clothing.

You can buy earbuzzers that come with a USB port to use with the Bluetooth Smart app, which is now available on Android and Apple devices.

They can be bought from, Amazon UK, and other retailers.

Some of the best earbooders to buy include the Osmo Quietbuzz, the Quietbuds Duo, the Rodeo Beads, the Duroe Bead and the Sound Bead.

They all feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can pair your iPhone, iPod or Android device to them and you can connect them to the walkie wirelessly to make your kids and pets feel as though they are right there with you.

These earbuddies are not just for your kids to listen in on the highway, however.

They also can be useful for parents who need to talk to their children on the go.

Some smart devices have a built-in microphone, which makes it easy to make calls to your child when they are away.

The microphone will work even when the phone is switched off.

Other smart devices like the Leap Motion and the LeapFi Bluetooth speakers have built- in microphones that can also make calls.

The earbuddy has a built in microphone that you can use with a Bluetooth speaker.

The best ear-buds for kids have wireless Bluetooth communication, which allows you to make phone calls.

These smart devices can help you talk to your kids while they walk.

Smartphone earbads are available from Amazon, Apple, Amazon US,, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Apple Europe and more.

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