How Apple Watch can improve your day-to-day life

When you’re a geek and you need to update your watch face, you might be tempted to just use the Apple Watch’s new “walkie-talkie” aesthetic.

But a new study by researchers at the University of Chicago and the University at Buffalo suggests that a watch with a more subtle touch can help you accomplish more tasks.

Researchers from the two universities studied how the Watch face looks and feels when you’re interacting with the device.

The Watch face is designed to make it easier to read text and use Siri, and its more subtle, white background makes it easier for users to see what’s on their wrist.

While it’s not perfect, it’s the best we’ve seen yet, said study author Robert H. Miller, an associate professor in the University’s School of Engineering.

“You can still get the most out of the watch if you use it right,” Miller said.

While Miller said the research will not show how to improve the Watch’s interface, he hopes it will encourage people to use the watch as more of a companion device than just a watch.

“The Watch Face is designed so that you can easily read a text message or email or whatever,” Miller told NBC News.

“That’s not really a big deal in the context of using the Watch, but it is in the contexts of use of the Watch.

The researchers also tested a more traditional watch face with different colors to see how it would feel in a hands-on environment. “

If you want to use your Watch as a day- to-day companion device, then the Watch should be used that way.”

The researchers also tested a more traditional watch face with different colors to see how it would feel in a hands-on environment.

They found that the Watch had a slight improvement when it comes to reading text, as well as making the task of reading more enjoyable.

“There’s nothing to suggest that we’re going to be able to do any significant improvements on a hands on basis,” Miller added.

However, the Watch did have an improvement in reading, with a slight decrease in reading difficulty.

Miller said this was because the Watch looked more “natural” when reading text.

“It was just a little bit less noticeable,” Miller explained.

The researchers said the Watch is a good tool for people who are constantly updating their Apple Watch face with new notifications, or for those who want a more natural touch when reading.

“We’ve found that we really like it as a watch face,” Miller noted.

“People who are updating their Watch face a lot or have a lot of time to update their Watch, or are looking to customize the Watch experience and make it their own, we really think that it’s a great choice for people.”

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