What does ‘blackfin walkies’ mean?

This week, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language published a new definition of “blackfin” in its new edition of the dictionary.

According to the dictionary, “black” means a color, a group, a person, or an animal.

The “walkie-talkie” is an electronic device that can transmit audio or video, and it is used by many types of communications.

The dictionary also defines “black-tie” as a term for a person or company that has been granted a certain level of respect, as opposed to a person who has done nothing but work or be productive.

But in a story that highlights the negative effects of black-tie society, the dictionary also included a reference to “black fin” as an expression of respect for a group of people.

The word “black”, of course, refers to a color.

The American Family Association (AFA) has been lobbying Congress to pass legislation banning the use of the term “blackfins,” which it said was disrespectful and offensive.

“Blackfins” is a term that was used by the Civil War’s Union Army in the words, “To have a black fin on their coat, or on their head, or at the shoulder, and not wear any other colors.”

The definition of the word “fin” was written by an Army officer, and while it was considered a derogatory term at the time, it is now being used by black and brown people to refer to the color of their fin.

It is unclear if “black fins” is still being used, but the definition seems to be getting more attention from the media.

“The idea that there’s something wrong with black fin, and there should be some kind of action or some type of prohibition, it’s sort of ridiculous,” says Jami H. Smith, a professor at The George Washington University’s Center for the Study of the American South.

Smith points to the Black History Month, which is often marked by the use and appropriation of the phrase “black fins.”

But black fin has always been used to refer specifically to the people who were black and were used to make it clear that they were not part of the traditional society, according to Smith.

“It’s a very good descriptor,” she says.

In fact, black fin is used to denote the entire black population, which included slaves and people who did not share the same history.

“We are talking about a group who are very, very far removed from the rest of us,” Smith says.

“If you want to get to know the true history of black people, you’re going to have to get away from the terminology of black fin.”

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