Trump’s speechwriter: We were told ‘no way’ to get the president’s tweet transcript on the record.

Donald Trump’s public speechwriter has said the White House “was told no way” to get President Donald Trump to share the transcript of his Monday morning speech, and instead he has used it as his own personal record of the president.

Speaking to ABC News on Monday, White House senior advisor Marc Short told host Jonathan Karl that the president was given a draft of the speech by his speechwriter, Stephen Miller, on Sunday night.

“I think that was pretty clear.

We were given a copy of the transcript,” Short said.

“So I think it was pretty obvious to everyone that he wanted to do that.

We weren’t told any different.”

The transcript, which was provided to ABC by the White, includes some of the most controversial parts of the White’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Short, who was present at the speech, told Karl that “the most controversial part of the draft was that the speech was not being given as a transcript.”

“I think it’s clear that that was not going to happen,” Short continued.

“There was some very specific language that he said in there, and I think that it’s not clear from the transcript that he ever intended to do it that way.”

I mean, I think if you read the transcript you will see that he was trying to use the speech as his personal record, which I think is pretty important, and he had no idea that that would happen.

“We must rally as one nation and come together as one America,” he added. “

We cannot let hate, division, divisionist politics win,” he said.

“We must rally as one nation and come together as one America,” he added.

“As long as I am president, we will come together with the same fervor and resolve.”

The president has not released the full transcript of the address, but the transcript contains some of his most controversial language.

He accused black communities of being “so violent” and said “they don’t have a future,” while calling for “law and order” and the removal of “criminal elements.”

“The alt-left is trying to turn this great nation of ours into something less than it really is,” Trump said.

“The radical left is trying not only to destroy our institutions, but to steal our elections, to destroy the lives of our law enforcement officers,” he continued.

On Saturday, the president held a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, that drew a crowd of thousands, but a video released by the New York Times showed him being booed by attendees as he arrived.

The president’s supporters, many of whom were wearing shirts that read “Racists go home,” were also seen holding signs that read, “Resist Trump!”

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