The future of VR, augmented reality, and AR games is a little more uncertain than you might expect from the people who make them: an

by Alex Kipman in the November issue of Game Developer.

In an article titled “The future of Virtual Reality, AR games, and VR-enhanced VR experiences?”

Kipmann explains how a lot of developers, studios, and publishers are looking for ways to incorporate AR and VR into their games.

The most recent example he lists are “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR,” a game from Bethesda that combines the capabilities of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Kipman explains that the developers at Bethesda “didn’t want to make a VR game, they wanted to make an AR game.”

“They were making an AR experience in the vein of the Skyrim VR experience,” he says.

“And so it was something like that.

But it wasn’t an AR and then VR game.”

To that end, Bethesda created “Skyrim VR” with a new approach, a new kind of “game world,” and “a new approach to story-telling.”

Instead of a static, single-player experience, Skyrim VR was “a game that was interactive,” he writes.

“That means you could interact with other characters, interact with the world around you, interact and see the world through the eyes of the character.

That’s a very different way of telling a story than a traditional VR game.

And that’s something I think we all need to keep in mind when we talk about virtual reality.”

Kipmann adds that the approach was “much more ambitious than a conventional VR game that we have now.”

Kipsman goes on to say that the new approach was the result of Bethesda “taking a much larger risk than most games on the market today,” and that this “risk” will result in a lot more VR games.

“There’s been a lot written about VR and AR over the last couple of years,” Kipsman writes.

But he does note that some developers, “are more focused on AR than VR and VR is definitely going to be bigger than AR, and I think that’s probably going to mean more VR titles.”

While he acknowledges that this new approach “might not be the best fit for every game,” he does not expect “that it will be the end of the story of virtual and augmented realities in the gaming industry.”

Instead, Kipsmann writes that “there are still many things to learn about VR, and that there are still games that have been built using VR that are going to still work.”

“I’m not going to pretend that the next game will be perfect,” he adds.

“But VR has been a good step forward in many ways.”KIPMAN’S REVIEWIn a separate article titled, “Why you should be excited about virtual and AR gaming,” Kipmen writes about some of the things you should consider when you think about how to approach VR, “whether you’re a first-time VR player or an experienced developer.”

Kippingman suggests that you “try to think about what you want in VR games,” and he says that developers should be “looking for the best ways to make that happen.”

“For a lot players it may be that the game is just a simple, flat, and unthreatening thing to play, but for a lot developers it’s an exciting new way to create a game, or a new way of thinking about games,” he continues.

“It’s like having a new version of a movie that you’ve seen before, and you just like it a little bit better, and it’s a little better for you.”

Kippman writes that developers who are working on VR “can focus on making the game as immersive as possible and as interesting and as fun as possible.”

In this sense, he notes that the “next few years will be an exciting time for VR and the future of AR.”

Kipsmans goal is to make VR “easier and more accessible for everybody.”

“If you can make it easier to learn how to build a VR app, more fun for you to play and more enjoyable for you, and the games you play have better design, better graphics, and better performance, I think you will see a lot less frustration and more enjoyment,” he concludes.

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