The Batmobile, the latest car to come out of Marvel’s Batmobile series

DC Comics is taking the Batmobile to the next level with the launch of the Bat-mobile as part of the new Marvel Legends of Tomorrow.

The Batmobile is the Bat’s latest vehicle, and the first vehicle to be part of Marvel Legends, a digital series that includes the characters of Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

The Bat-Mobile is an electric vehicle that takes off and lands in a small park at the end of a highway.

It’s powered by an electric motor that uses compressed air to propel it.

It can travel at speeds up to 55 mph.DC has been releasing a range of vehicles from the Batpod to the Batcave, which it calls Batmobile and has sold around 100,000 Batmobile vehicles.

The first Batmobile will be the Batcar, which debuted in the Batman: The Animated Series episode “The Batcar” and then reappeared in the first two seasons of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

It is powered by a hybrid electric motor and a high-voltage motor that powers the Batwing.

In “The Brave and The Bold,” the Bat car is powered with the same motor that powered the Batplane.

The next Batmobile that DC releases will be based on the Batboat from the second season of Batman and will have a much larger capacity for fuel and space, along with new technology like a high powered electric motor, high-speed propeller, and a new retractable landing gear.

The vehicle is also equipped with an airbag system and air brakes, but it doesn’t yet have a name yet.

The batmobile’s debut is the latest in a string of vehicles DC has released to coincide with the Batmobiles.

There’s a batmobile for the new season of Gotham and a Batmobile for Justice League.

The company has also released two Batmobile figures, one that has a small bat-shaped emblem on the front and a larger bat-sized emblem on top.

There are three versions of the vehicle, the Batcycle, Batmobile van, and Batmobile mini.

The van is available in five colors and comes in a variety of styles, including the Batrider, Batrider van, Batcycle mini, Batwing, and new Batmobile.

The BATmobile is available to pre-order at $49, $74, $89, and $124, while the Batbike mini and Batcycle van are available for pre-ordering at $39, $59, $99, and 12% off.

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