HTC One M8: A big upgrade from the M7 and M8 review

The HTC One X is a big upgrade over its predecessor, the M8.

For starters, it has a larger 4.7-inch 720p display, and a much larger battery.

In addition, the phone has a dual camera setup that can record 1080p video, and can also record 4K video.

The One X also has more storage and a faster processor.

The phone has also gained some specs that weren’t present on the M9, like a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, an octa-core CPU, a bigger battery, a faster GPU, a more RAM, and an IR blaster.

HTC is selling the One X for $699, down from $1,299 before the price cut.

We’ve seen similar pricing cuts for other phones from the HTC One brand, such as the One S and One X. It’s worth noting that HTC has not announced a new price for the HTC M9 in the US.

The HTC M8’s price was $549.99, while the One M9’s price dropped from $499 to $549 (with a $50 rebate).

HTC has also announced a discount on the One 10 for $349, down $50 from the $349 that you pay when you buy a new HTC phone.

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