How to watch ‘Spider-Man’ live with the ABC’s ‘The Talk’ live blog

Posted October 06, 2018 05:06:10Spider-man fans in the US will be able to watch the Marvel Comics superhero movies with the help of a podcast, and ABC Radio’s The Talk is the first one to launch.

On the ABC Radio website, the podcast offers listeners a live streaming option, while on The Talk you can also listen to episodes on iTunes and Amazon.

The podcasts are all about the Spider-Man universe, and feature guest hosts including actor Chris Cooper, writer/director Jon Watts, composer Michael Giacchino, and director Jon Watts’ son, Jonny.

Read moreThe podcast has been available since late 2017, and the series has seen the likes of actor Peter Parker, singer/actor Josh Groban, and comedian Adam Sandler join hosts to discuss what’s going on with Spider-man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“The first thing you want to do is be a fan of the movies and follow the story,” said Cooper.

“That’s really how you’re going to follow Spider-mans journey.”

“That was kind of my thing, watching the movies on TV, and I didn’t get that.

But now I get that I’m a Spider-fan, and that’s cool.””

And there’s this amazing cast, and there’s a great team of filmmakers, and it’s like, oh my God, we can make this happen,” said Watts.

Writer/director Peter Cohen talks about ‘Spiderman’ in a live podcast on ABC Radio.

The Talk is a collaboration between The Nerdist podcast network and ABC News, and co-host Jon Watts is the creative director.

“It’s really, really, weird.

I mean, the way it works is, I’m going to put you on the phone with these people who are working on the movies, and we’re going make sure we get them to talk about the characters and their stories, and then we’re recording the podcast,” said co-creator and cohost Chris Cooper.

As for the content, the podcasts are full of commentary from the cast and crew of the films, and discuss what fans can expect in the next three films.

One episode features Cooper and his co-writer/director, Watts, discussing the latest updates in the film, and what fans are expecting to see in the trailers.

“We talk about what they’ve done in the teaser trailers, what they have planned for the trailers,” Cooper said.

Another episode features Watts and co, discussing what’s in store for the new Spider-Men film.

“I’m talking about the big reveal of the new movies.

And the first thing we’re doing, it’s just kind of a weird little experiment, so we’re putting on a show called The Talk,” said Jonny Graziano, a character actor who plays the role of Nick Fury.”

And the first episode, we’re talking about all the things that people are excited about, and you can just watch the episode and just go, oh, it sure looks cool.”

“We’re going in this direction, and now we’re just starting to dig in and dig out,” said Cohen.

“There’s a lot of things we haven’t talked about, but we’re digging a little deeper into what’s happening, and when we’re ready to share that with you, it’ll be on the show.”

“We know there’s so much happening that we’re not sure if we’re really going to be able, like, announce it, but that’s OK.

We’re doing it.”

The Talk hosts also talk about how the podcast can help fans catch up with the films and understand the characters better.

“So we’re bringing together these great comic book creators and the best actors who have done the movies with a live audience, so people can get the full story and see what the movie is about,” Cooper explained.

“The best part is, it can be very easy to get bored.

But we’ve got people who really love these movies, so there’s no doubt they’ll get into it and just get excited about what’s coming next.””

There are some really good Spider- Man characters in the movie, and a lot more, so the show is great for people who have been fans for a while.”

Listen to The Talk: Spider-Men in the MCU – Episode 1 The show is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify, and TuneIn.

Listen to ‘The Talking’ podcast on the ABC radio website, and listen on the podcast app.


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