Garmin says it will add ‘Smartwatch’ functionality to its GPS unit

Garmin, the parent company of fitness tracker maker Jawbone, is adding a new Smartwatch app to its Garmin Connect platform, which will let users easily track workouts, data, and more.GPS is a vital part of every fitness tracking device, but its usefulness has varied across brands.

In its most basic form, it lets users know where their heart rate is, how much calories are burning, and even what distance they are running.

GPS is also great for tracking your distance walked, and it can also help with things like measuring distance covered or calories burned.

But while the GPS functionality is useful for a wide variety of apps and activities, Garmin said that its new Smart Watch app will allow users to customize the experience to their liking.

Users will be able to choose from a number of smartwatch watch faces, including Garmin Connect’s own Smart Watch face.

The app will also allow users with Garmin Connect to easily share workouts, stats, and data with friends, family, and the general public.

Garmin said it will also be able “connect with other smartwatch platforms,” and will offer a number more watch face options later this year.

This new app will integrate with the Garmin Connect service so that users can log in and check out the Garmin Watch app.

It will also provide users with access to an extensive collection of GPS-related data that can be accessed by other Garmin devices, such as Garmin Fitbit, Jawbone’s own fitness tracker.

Garmin will offer the same API and data to other Garmin partners that include other Garmin products as well, so users can track workouts with the Fitbit Wahoo app, the Jawbone Wahoo Plus app, and Jawbone Connect Fitbit app.

The new SmartWatch app will work with both Garmin Fitbits and Jawbones Fitbit Surge, as well as the Garmin Charge HR and Charge HR Max wearable devices.

The feature is also compatible with Jawbone and Garmin Fitbuds, which both have Bluetooth sensors.

The Garmin SmartWatch is one of the first Garmin devices to feature Bluetooth connectivity, but it is not yet compatible with other fitness tracker devices.

In addition, Garmin has yet to announce support for third-party GPS sensors like those from Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and Samsung SmartWatch, though the company has confirmed that it is working on it.

Garmin’s SmartWatch watch is set to be released later this month.

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