Why the GOP has turned into a partisan club

Posted September 15, 2018 11:20:16 The Republican Party has become the party of “politics as usual” and its leaders are increasingly afraid of the voters, according to a new book that is set to be published Tuesday.

The book, The Republicans: A Tale of Two Parties, is written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Murray and former New York Times editor Robert Draper.

It details how the party has become so obsessed with winning elections that the voters have lost faith in the process, according a New York Post article.

The book comes after several high-profile Republicans, including President Donald Trump, were forced to apologize after they appeared to be joking about the possibility of the 2016 presidential election being stolen by Russian hackers.

Murray has described how the Republican Party, which had been so popular among Republicans before Trump, has been losing ground in recent years.

It’s not just Trump, Murray said.

It goes to the heart of what Republicans are fighting for: a free market that promotes individual liberty and that allows for a level playing field for all Americans.

“This is a party of the rich, of the well-connected, of big business, of corporations and Wall Street,” Murray told the Post.

“It is not a party for ordinary Americans, it’s a party in which they feel they are entitled to everything and the least of all they feel entitled to nothing.”

A new book by Charles Murray, titled “The Republicans: The Party of Trump,” has become a hit in the GOP.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

“I’m not a political scientist by training, but the book does a great job of describing the GOP as an extremist party and as a party that has abandoned the principles of a free society,” Murray said in a statement Tuesday.

“I am not a historian, but I believe that the rise of Trump as president was the beginning of the end for the Republican party.”

Murray, who served as a White House correspondent during President Barack Obama’s presidency, said he and Draper were inspired to write the book after witnessing a recent speech by Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who was leading a push to block funding for Planned Parenthood.

Flake said that in light of the Trump administration’s attacks on Planned Parenthood, he was compelled to “fight back” against “the people who helped elect Donald Trump” and to write an op-ed in The Washington Post that said he would not fund the organization.

Murray said Flake was speaking to his constituents, not the GOP, but he was forced to go on the record because he was afraid of being branded a racist.

During an interview with NPR on Tuesday, Murray called Flake’s comments “unprecedented.”

Murray said that Flake’s decision to speak to his constituency was the “worst thing that has happened to the Republican cause.”

Murray said that despite the Republican leaders’ unwillingness to condemn Flake, there has been a significant amount of pressure on them to do so.

And now that they’ve become the Republicans, they’re not going to be able to do it anymore,” Murray added.

They want to fight for their own interests and they’re willing to sacrifice their principles to achieve that,” Murray explained. “

They don’t want to face voters who are looking for a real alternative.

They want to fight for their own interests and they’re willing to sacrifice their principles to achieve that,” Murray explained.

It’s unclear whether the book will impact Republican efforts to pass major tax legislation.

Murray told The Post that he expects Republican lawmakers to try to push tax reform through as soon as the end of the year.

Democrats are also concerned about the book’s release.

The New York Democratic Party said Tuesday that the book would be “disastrous for our party.”

“The Republicans’ success in holding their noses and voting to fund Planned Parenthood proves that their extreme ideology is the one that can’t be challenged,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said in an email to supporters.

“Now they are willing to take on the millions of Americans who have supported this bill for years by giving in to a few billionaire donors instead of standing up for their constituents.”

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