How to protect your Walkie Talkie from bombs and other explosives

By LOUISE GRAVESBROUGHLAWRIGHT, AP ReporterAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — If you’re looking to get a walkie-talkie, it’s a good idea to have a good way to secure it, even if that means keeping the radio on a cord, the makers of the gadget said Tuesday.

A few years ago, people began asking if they could buy walkietalkies that could be hidden in an ordinary pocket or purse.

The answer is, of course, yes, said the makers, WalkieTalk, which also made a companion app.

The new Walkie-Talkie Bomberos, which can be worn on the belt or wrist, are designed to fit anywhere.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are lightweight enough to be worn by anyone.

The makers said their new walkiewalks are made of a durable polycarbonate plastic, which is durable enough to survive the rigors of an air raid.

It also comes in a few different colors.

The Bomberos are made in Canada, and are designed for those in a hurry.

They also come with an emergency-detection microphone that can be attached to a belt, backpack or backpacker’s backpack.

Walkietalkie bomberoes also come in two different designs.

The first, called the Bomb, is made of two solid black or white plastic bags, one inside the other.

The other is a lighter, thinner plastic bag that is attached to the bag that comes with the bomberos.

Both are waterproof.

Both have an alarm button that will alert you if someone tries to use them.

The Bomberos come with a waterproof microchip that is a small plastic piece that can detect when someone tries using a walker.

The chip, which weighs about 2 grams, is used to scan a user’s handprint.

It can also be used to determine whether the wearer is using the device in a public place.

A user is asked to press a button to activate the chip.

When activated, the chip will emit a loud alarm.

The Bombers are waterproof, but they are still small.

It’s a tiny device that has to be carried in a pocket or carry bag.

A walkielogger is a walk-through device that uses an antenna to transmit the location of a person or a group of people.

The walkie is a simple radio device that carries a speaker or speakerphone, usually an earpiece, microphone and/or an electronic compass.

Walkies, which are similar to walkie talks, are also sometimes called walkie radios.

The bomberos come in three different colors: green, black and silver.

The black bomberos are a small version of the Bomb that has a blue front and white back.

The silver bomberos feature a black front and silver back.

Both can be carried on the back of the Bomberos.

The blue Bomberos and silver Bomberos can be strapped to the Bomberas and are waterproof as well.

They can also also be carried by a backpack.

The bombers also come without a back and can be hidden inside a purse or backpack.

The bag will remain open when the bomber is not in use.

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